Twinings x Safia Ouares Advent Calendar

Twinings x Safia Ouares Advent Calendar – Inspire you day with taste and arts while you are looking forward to the new year.

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Classic|Dream is in the air

A woman blows bubbles, and a man is drinking a cup of tea, both are bringing magic into the scenery through the bubbles and steam’s volutes of her cup of tea… They are sharing a vision and a dream through it. Dream is in the air. No wait! Dream is in the bubble!


French Illustration Artist
Safia Ouares

Safia Ouares graduated from ENSAD and has a background in history and humanities. She is an illustrator as well as a dancer and musician. She also has sculpting skills and can be said to be an interdisciplinary artist. She always maintains curiosity, constantly explores the characteristics of new things and injects endless inspiration into her arts. She has a wealth of cooperative experience with brands such as Dior, Hermès, LVMH and L’Oréal.

Safia Ouares

Safia Ouares inherits the appreciation of French, Mediterranean and Japanese cultures. Through her acuity for details, she is good at showing a unique and highly recognizable painting style with delicate and vivid lines.

Since Safia is also a tea lover, she’s glad to work with Twinings and sublime her own experience and tea moments to create this “Dream is in the air” masterpiece.

Inspire your day with Taste and Arts:

  • Royal Earl Grey Scented Candle
  • Eurpoean Style Embossed Mini Jar
  • Twinings Illustration Book
  • Twinings Cup-Shape Pendant
  • Twinings “Dream is in the air” Charm
  • Twinings Scarf
  • Twinings Mini Hut Model
  • Twinings Ginger Mango Aroma Kit
  • Pastry made from Twinings Tea
  • Selected Twinings Classic and Platinum Teas

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