Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are applicable to giftand.co

Please read and agree to the below terms and conditions before completing any purchases transactions in this website.

General Terms

  • We do our best to maintain the updatedness and accuracy of all products’ information. Yet we also reserve the rights to amend these information without prior notice. All transactions are subject to the availability of the merchandises.
  • The purchase prices of all merchandises are according to the one posted on transaction day.
  • All orders are subject to the final availability of each product. Should any of ordered items be out of stock, we will notify you by email or phone before the scheduled delivery date.
  • Delivery service is available for Hong Kong, Macao and China only. For Hong Kong local delivery, the fee is HK$35 per order, which will be automatically waived while the cart total exceeds HK$400.  For Macao and China, the fee is calculated as 20% of the nett purchase value with a minimum fee of HK$60 per order. Unless otherwise specified (e.g. custom-made or signature products), orders will be delivered within two working days after the date of ordering.

Inspection of Goods

Customers or recipients should inspect the goods for breakage instantly upon arrival. In case of breakages, please notify us immediately. We reserve the rights to refuse for exchange or replacement in case the goods are received and the delivery order is signed.

Goods Return / Refund

  • Customers or recipients should check for breakage and also the correctness of the order.
  • In case of goods return or refund, customers need to prepare a printed copy of the order confirmation from us.
  • Customers have to contact us within 3 working days after the receiving day for goods return / refund arrangement.

In case of disputes arise from online ordering process, the merchandise, goods return or refund, we will refer to Sales of Goods Ordinance (Law of HKSAR Cap. 26) for the best possible solution in our decision.